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 "We made gods and jailers because we felt small and ashamed and alone. We let them try
  us and judge us and, like sheep to slaughter, we allowed ourselves to be... sentenced.
  See! Now! Our sentence is up." - Grant Morrison, "The Invisibles", 3:1 
Welcome to the Puzzlebox Wiki! Its primary purpose is to serve as a collaborative repository for background information about the world and its inhabitants. It also contains information about out-of-character administrative issues, and discussions about the philosophies and inspirations behind Puzzlebox.

Wikis are user-editable. Log in, if you haven't already, and start making some changes! Fill in the holes... or make some new ones...

The World

Within the vast world of Puzzlebox, most of the action on the muck takes place in a series of habitats called The Mess.

The Mess is divided into six Warps:

There are plenty of places to see within the six Warps, and a few notable places between and beyond the Warps, too.

The Denizens

The Stories




Please note that the information presented on this wiki is not strictly canonical unless otherwise noted. As a user-edited site, it's more accurate to think of this as a hotbed of rumor and hearsay, and not an encyclopedia. Feel free to correct the misapprehensions other authors have; the same ideals of mutual creation and harmony apply to this project as they do to the muck itself.

Note: if you edit a page and then decide to make further changes to the same page, be sure to reload the edit page the second time around. Otherwise, the first set of changes might go missing without your noticing.

MUCK Reference

On Wiki

Puzzlebox Links

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